Sorcerer Aedia leucomelas
Sorcerer Aedia leucomelas
Adult • Parleboscq, S.W. France • ©

73.030 BF2464a
Sorcerer Aedia leucomelas

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Wingspan c. 35mm.

A single record of this species occurred on the Isle of Wight in September 2006 and was the only British record until another appeared at Brightlingsea, Essex, in August 2009. These remain the only two records to date.

The adult moth is similar to The AlchymistCatephia alchymista but is significantly smaller with a more brownish hue.

It has a wide distribution abroad, and in Europe occurs in warm sandy habitats, flying from June to September in two generations. The larvae feed on Convolvulus.

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