Clancy's Rustic Caradrina kadenii
Clancy's Rustic Caradrina kadenii
Adult • Hayling Island, Hampshire • ©

73.093 BF2387a
Clancy's Rustic Caradrina kadenii

(Freyer, [1836])

Wingspan c.30mm.

This species, unknown in Britain until 2002 when one turned up in Kent, has since become a fairly regular arrival in southern moth-trapping localities. In September and October 2005 dozens were recorded at Dungeness, Kent.

The species resembles Pale Mottled WillowCaradrina clavipalpis in general appearance and build, but is plainer, with a distinct reddish-brown reniform stigma.

The species has been given the vernacular name Clancy's Rustic after Sean Clancy, who caught the first individual in 2002.
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