Pale-lemon Sallow Cirrhia ocellaris
Pale-lemon Sallow Cirrhia ocellaris
Adult • © Nigel Whinney

73.184 BF2276
Pale-lemon Sallow Cirrhia ocellaris

(Borkhausen, 1792)

Wingspan 32-36 mm.

A local species occurring sparsely in the southern counties of England, into East Anglia.

Generally relatively plain-looking, there is a more variegated form, known as ab. gilvescens, resembling Dusky-lemon Sallow, which however does not show the slightly hooked wingtips of the present species.

The larvae feed on the catkins of poplar (Populus) when young, later feeding on leaves of low plants.

The moth is on the wing during September and October.
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