White-lined Hawk-moth Hyles lineata
White-lined Hawk-moth Hyles lineata
Adult (male) • Minnesota, USA • © John Bebbington FRPS

69.0151 BF1990a
White-lined Hawk-moth Hyles lineata

(Fabricius, 1775)

Wingspan c.65-90 mm.

A single record of this American species was said to have been taken in Bridlington, East Yorkshire in the late 19th Century, since when there have been no further records, suggesting a possible accidental introduction.

The species closely resembles H. livornica, the Striped Hawk-moth, but differs by having more pale stripes on the sides of the thorax and another through its centre.

The larvae feed on a range of plants including willowherb (Epilobium), and there are two generations.
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