Beautiful Brocade Lacanobia contigua
Beautiful Brocade Lacanobia contigua
Adult • Gower, Glamorgan • © David Painter

73.265 BF2156
Beautiful Brocade Lacanobia contigua

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

Wingspan 36-42 mm.

Distributed widely, but locally and discontinuously, over a large part of Britain, this moth frequents woodland, moorland and heathland.

There is a single generation, flying in June and July and the moths can be attracted by the use of either light or sugar.

There are a couple of similar species, but this moth shows a distinct pale patch joining the orbicular stigma to the subterminal line, and tends to look shorter-winged.

The caterpillars live on a wide variety of trees, bushes and herbaceous plants.
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