About the New Site

14 November 2015 - Full Text species search facility now available

The ability to search the species accounts was missing on the new layout. This has now been added back in. It's useful for searching for a specific foodplant for example, though it also searches species names.

18 October 2015 - Gallery feature on species pages

Several people have encountered problems with the new design while navigating the different thumbnails, which are now further down the page than they were previously. I've now added a gallery/slideshow feature on the species pages so that you can easily cycle through the different photos just by clicking the main photo. The individual photo pages are still available since there are links to these elsewhere, but this should make things easier for visitors with smaller screen sizes.

Note: this was broken for a while but hopefully is now fixed.

29 August 2015 - UKMoths gets a major redesign/redevelopment

Regular users of UKMoths will no doubt have noticed that the site has undergone a major transformation. This is the culmination of several months' work on my part. Please bear in mind there will no doubt be some teething problems, but one of the main reasons for doing this is to provide a more future-proof platform for expanding and updating the site moving forward.

Launching such a completely changed system wasn't taken lightly. One of the things regular users will notice is that the url/link structure has changed. Gone are the old "show.php?bf=xxxx" and "show.php?id=xxxx" schemes. However, please note that these old 'schemes' will remain in place and should properly redirect to the equivalent page in the new site structure. If you are having problems with links not behaving, please get in touch with me at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. and I'll get right onto it.

The UKMoths site had become so difficult to update using the old framework that it had been stuck in a timewarp for about 10 years, and species/photo updates were so time consuming that I'd all but given up.

Yes, there will be bugs in the new site, and probably user interface changes that may annoy people familiar with the old site, but I hope this is just the start of a new era.

(I'm aware that the keyword search isn't as good as the old site, and some pages may feel slower to load; I'm aware of these and hoping to address them at some point).

Note also that some of the old pages are still available and don't yet redirect to the new ones (though all the species links should work in theory). I'm working on these and gradually the old pages should start to disappear.

If you have problems or suggestions (not too many!), let me know by email at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or fill out the feedback form.



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