Useful Lepidoptera Links

UK & Ireland

National Moth Night - A celebration of British moths, held annually.

Moths Count Project Lottery funded recording scheme to monitor Britain's larger moths

Butterfly Conservation

BioImages - The Virtual Field Guide (UK)

UK Safari A site for anyone interested in the wildlife of Britain

The Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland - a really good resource

British Leaf Mining Fauna - including other orders

Eggs, Larvae and Pupae of Butterflies and Moths - an excellent website studying the life histories of butterflies and moths

UK & Ireland Regional Websites

Butterflies and Moths in Kingston by Ken Elks

Cheshire Macro-moths

Dorset Moth Group

Essex Moth Group

Herts Moth Group

Lancashire Moths

Moths and Butterflies of Northumberland and Durham

Northamptonshire Moth Group

St. Helens Wildlife Recording Group

Suffolk Moths

West Midlands Moth Group

Moths of Dungeness and Surrounding Area

Cornwall Moth Group

Hants Moths

Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Entomological Society Website

Staffordshire Moth Group

Glamorgan Moth Recording Group

Gordano Moths - Website of the Clevedon Moth Group

The Macro and Micro Moths of Norfolk

Moths of Ireland - Mapping Ireland's Macro Moths - a photographic guide to the larger moths of Ireland

Montgomeryshire Moth Group

Huntingdonshire Moth & Butterfly Group

Northumberland Moths

Dumfries and Galloway Moths

Moths of Caithness

Sussex Moth Group

Brecknock Moth List (VC42)

North Wales Lepidoptera

Butterfly Conservation regional groups

Butterfly Conservation - Herts and Middlesex branch

Butterfly Conservation - Hants and Isle of Wight branch

Butterfly Conservation - Cambridgeshire and Essex branch

Butterfly Conservation - Cheshire and Peak District Branch

Butterfly Conservation - West Midlands Branch

Butterfly Conservation - North Wales Branch

Butterfly Conservation - South West Scotland Branch

Butterfly Conservation - Yorkshire Branch

Butterfly Conservation - South Wales Branch

UK Personal homepages

Jeff Higgott's UK Lepidoptera - hundreds of photos including lots of good micros!

Simply Birds and Moths by Tony Davison

Andrew Mackay Wildlife Art & Photography - Super wildlife art and moth photos!

An English Butterfly Garden

Wildguide UK - Identification of Insects, including lots of micro-moths, by Martin Evans

Back Garden Mothing by Simon and Emma Wantling

Terry Button Wildlife Photography - by Keith Tailby


European Butterflies and Moths - By Chris Jonko

Markku Savela's Finnish Lepidoptera (comprehensive, with many good images):

Moths and Butterflies of Europe by Paolo Mazzei

Butterflies and Moths by Jeroen Voogd

Guy Padfield's European Butterfly Page

Kimmo's Lep Site (Micros and larvae by Kimmo Silvonen)

Moths and Butterflies in Southern Austria by Johannes Gillman - some good micro shots.

Gelechiidae of Finland

Leaf miners in the Netherlands (in Dutch) - includes other orders.

Butterflies & Moths in Finland

Las Descargues - Moth and Butterfly holidays in France

Sesiidae - Clearwing Moths

Lépidoptères du Trégor (Northern France)

Lepidoptera - Swedish Museum of Natural History - a super micro reference

Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Belgium

Butterflies and Moths in the Netherlands - by Sifra Corva

Flemish Entomological Society

Lépidoptères du Poitou-Charentes

Lepidoptera of Serbia by Ivan Dodok

Lepidoptera of Crimea by Vladimir Savchuk

Sommerfugle i Norge - Norwegian Lepidoptera

Swedish Butterflies and Moths by Magnus Unger

Macrolepidoptera of France - a great ID resource for central European species

Western Palaearctic and beyond

Sphingidae of the Western Palearctic

Russian Butterflies - The Insects from former USSR Website

Hong Kong Moths

Hong Kong Lepidopterists Society

Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles

Malaysian Moths

Moths of Borneo

Moths in Taiwan

Link Lists

Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera (comprehensive index of links)

Butterflies Starting Page - the best butterfly (and moth) websites on the internet

Intute - Nature - coordinated by Nottingham University

Journals and Societies

Atropos The journal for butterfly, moth and dragonfly enthusiasts.

British Entomological and Natural History Society (BENHS)

Amateur Entomologists Society (AES)

Equipment, Literature and Software Suppliers

Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies (Sponsors of UKmoths)

MapMate (Natural History recording software - links to UKMoths!)

Watkins and Doncaster

Pisces Conservation Ltd Ecological and Natural History software & CD-Roms

Pennine Books - Natural History and other books, run by Paul Talbot

Bioquip - Biological Equipment Specialists

Discussion Groups

UKMoths e-group To discuss Moths (particularly macro-moths) of the UK.

UK micromoths e-group To discuss Micromoths of the UK & Europe.

UK-Leps e-group UK-Leps is dedicated to the conservation of butterflies and moths of the British Isles.

The UK Lepidopterists study group To exchange information on finding, breeding and identifying U.K. Lepidoptera.

British Leaf mining fauna e-group For those interested in the British leaf mining fauna

Gloucester Moth Group A forum for Gloucester keen moth-ers

UK Biodiversity

rECOrd - Local Biological Record Centre for Cheshire Region

National Biodiversity Network

Wider Interest Websites

Sussex Nature Web

Waterford Wildlife, Ireland

Gloucester Naturalists' Society

Be Nice to Nettles

ENDS Environment Daily

The Sensory Garden Project

African Butterfly Home Decorating

The English Cottage Garden Nursery

When to Watch Wildlife

Fungal Punk

British Nature

Alternative Plants - Wildflowers with a difference

Landlife Wildflowers

Wildlife Galleries

Wildlife Extra

Really Wild Flowers - specialising in the supply of native wild flowers, seed and bulbs

Moth Symbolism

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