The Nine-spotted Amata phegea
The Nine-spotted Amata phegea
Adult • Brasschaat, Antwerpen, Belgium • © Chris Steeman

72.0343 BF2070

The Nine-spotted Amata phegea

(Linnaeus, 1758)

[Synonyms: Syntomis phegea]
Wingspan c. 40 mm.

Although at first glance this appears to be an unmistakable species, there are doubts as to its place on the British list. The species is probably a genuine vagrant from continental Europe, with two records, one in the late 19th century, and another, photographed in Essex in 2000. However, there are very similar tropical species, which are sometimes accidentally imported, and these cannot be ruled out.

A. phegea occurs naturally in Europe, especially in the south, and flies on warm sunny days in June and July.

The larva has not occurred in Britain, but feeds on a range of herbaceous plants.
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