Saltern Ear Amphipoea fucosa
Saltern Ear Amphipoea fucosa
Adult • Pagham Harbour, W. Sussex • © Steve Nash

73.126 BF2358

Saltern Ear Amphipoea fucosa

(Freyer, 1830)

Wingspan 29-35 mm.

The four British 'Ear' moths of the genus Amphipoea are notoriously difficult to separate by appearance, but the Saltern Ear tends to be paler than its congeners, with slightly longer wings and narrow, often whitish stigmata.

It is distributed mainly coastally in England and in parts of Scotland, and occupies saltmarshes and sandhills.

The adults fly in August and September, and visit light regularly.

The larvae feed inside the roots and stems of various types of grass.
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