The Confused Apamea furva
The Confused Apamea furva
Adult • All Stretton, Shropshire • © Mike Shurmer

73.165 BF2329

The Confused Apamea furva

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

Wingspan 34-42 mm.

As the name suggests, this is rather a difficult species to identify, being rather similar to the obscura form of Dusky Brocade (A. remissa). However, it can often be distinguished by its greyer colour, smaller stigmata and the lack of an obvious 'W'-mark in the subterminal line of the forewing.

It is a mainly northern insect, being widespread but never common in Scotland south to the Midlands. It is rarer in southern parts, although it does occur in Kent and locally in the south-west. The species favours rocky coastline locations and limestone hills inland.

The larva feed on the roots and stem bases of meadow grass (Poa spp.) and the moths fly mainly in July and August.
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