Dingy Shears Apterogenum ypsillon
Dingy Shears Apterogenum ypsillon
Adult • Romiley, Cheshire • © Shane Farrell

73.222 BF2314

Dingy Shears Apterogenum ypsillon

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

[Synonyms: Enargia ypsillon]
Wingspan 32-42 mm.

A rather dull and nondescript species, as suggested by the English name, this moth is reasonably well distributed throughout England and Wales; it is scarcer in Scotland and rather rare in Ireland.

The adult flight time is during June and July, and can be attracted by sugar as well as light.

The caterpillars, like the adults are rather dull. They feed on willow (Salix spp.) at night; during the day they descend to hide amongst loose bark at the bases of the trees.
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