Tamarisk Peacock Chiasmia aestimaria
Tamarisk Peacock Chiasmia aestimaria
Adult • St Margaret's at Cliffe, Kent • © Tony Morris

70.219 BF1894a
Tamarisk Peacock Chiasmia aestimaria

(Hübner, [1809])

Wingspan c. 21-25mm.

This southern and south-eastern European species is a sporadic visitor to the British Isles, with just a handful of records, mainly in the south-east of England, since the first in Kent in August 2004.

In continental Europe there are two generations, with adults on the wing in April and May, and again from August to October.

The main larval foodplants are varieties of tamarisk (Tamarix), and the species is spreading in suburban habitats in Europe where this is present in gardens.
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