Coleophora amethystinella
Coleophora amethystinella
Adult • © Tony Prichard

37.047 BF520

Coleophora amethystinella

Ragonot, 1885

Wingspan c.14-18mm.

First recorded from Essex in 1973, this rare and local species has now been located in a number of surrounding counties including Suffolk, Hampshire and Dorset.

It is quite a large Coleophorid, appearing metallic golden green, and has distinctive orange hairs around the eye if viewed closely. It also lacks white on the antennae which helps to separate it from similar species.

The larva feeds on smooth tare Vicia tetrasperma, boring into a seedpod which it uses as aportable case.

Adults fly in sunshine in May/June and can be swept from areas where the foodplant grows.
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