Coleophora follicularis - Distribution map

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37.103 BF555

Coleophora follicularis

(Vallot, 1802)

Wingspan c. 14 mm.

Prior to 1962 both this species and C. trochilella were thought to be a single species, C. troglodytella. Consequently, distribution is clouded by older records which are not attributed to one or other of the two split species.

C. follicularis is known to occur in much of Britain to southern Scotland, and in Ireland.

There are two main foodplants, hemp agrimony (Eupatoria cannabinum) and common fleabane (Pulicaria dysenterica) which produce slight differences in the larval habits and flight times of the adults.

The moths are on the wing from June to August, depending on the foodplant.
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