Coleophora ibipennella
Coleophora ibipennella
Adult • Hampshire • © Rob Edmunds

37.052 BF535

Coleophora ibipennella

Zeller, 1849

Wingspan c. 12mm.

Distributed mainly in the south-east of England, this species occupies oak woodland. Confusion over its distribution is compounded by the fact that this species was formerly known as ardeaepennella, and the previous ibipennella is a birch (Betula) feeder, now known as betulella.

The larva feeds on oak (Quercus), building a distinctive 'pistol-case' with a 'handle' of pale greyish silk.

The adults have white forewings and are similar to a number of other species, with only subtle differences in size and patterning in the forewing cilia to help distinguish them. They fly in July and August.
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