Coleophora milvipennis
Coleophora milvipennis
Adult • Sapcote, Leicestershire, gen. det. AM. • © Graham Calow

37.009 BF496

Coleophora milvipennis

Zeller, 1839

Wingspan c. 11-13mm.

A local species, distributed in the southern half of England to Yorkshire, and in parts of Scotland, this was believed to be a birch-feeding form of C. limosipennella until the 1970s when it was split out into a separate species.

The adult moths have buff to ochreous forewings with a whitish streak along the costa. There is a single generation with adults in July.

The larval foodplant is birch (Betula, the larva constructing a long narrow case from which it feeds, creating brown blotches on the leaves.
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