Coleophora prunifoliae - Distribution map

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37.017 BF494a

Coleophora prunifoliae

Doets, 1944

Wingspan c. 10-12mm.

Only recently added to the British list when it was discovered in Cornwall, this species is now known from a number of English counties, although due to confusion with other species, details of its distribution are limited.

It is externally very similar to a number of other Coleophorids and is only safely identified by dissection.

The larval foodplants are blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), apple (Malus) and dwarf cherry (Prunus cerasus), the larva forming a case similar to that of P. coracipennella.

Gen. preps (Dissection group website):
C. prunifoliae male
C. prunifoliae female
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