Coleophora trochilella
Coleophora trochilella
Adult • Earith, Hunts; gen. det. B. Dickerson • © David Griffiths

37.095 BF556

Coleophora trochilella

(Duponchel, [1843])

Wingspan c. 12mm

One of several similar 'streaked' Coleophorids that are best separated by dissection, this species is distributed throughout much of England and Wales north to Yorkshire, with some records from Scotland and southern Ireland.

Its favoured habitat is dry grassland, downs and scrubland, where the adults fly in June and July and are attracted to light.

The larvae feed on a number of plants in the Asteraceae family, and form a case similar to that of Coleophora follicularis, although they have a paler head and thoracic plate than that species.
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