The Shark Cucullia umbratica
The Shark Cucullia umbratica
Adult • Windmill Hill, Worcestershire • © Patrick Clement

73.052 BF2216

The Shark Cucullia umbratica

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Wingspan 42-52 mm.

Inhabiting a range of open habitats and suburban areas, this species is quite well distributed over much of Britain, though it is less common in Scotland.

Flying later in the season than the similar Chamomile Shark (C. chamomillae), it is on the wing in June and July. One distinguishing feature from that species is the fringe of the hindwing, which in the present species has two bands, one pale and one grey, whereas in chamomillae, there is a triple-banded effect.

The larval foodplants are mainly species of sow-thistle (Sonchus).
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