Dioryctria schuetzeella
Dioryctria schuetzeella
Adult • Earith, Huntingdonshire, gen. det. B. Dickerson • © David Griffiths

62.026 BF1454a

Dioryctria schuetzeella

Fuchs, 1899

Wingspan c. 26mm.

First observed in Kent in 1980, this species has since extended its range to a number of southern and south-eastern English counties, where it is now found regularly, though not commonly.

The larva feeds on Norway spruce (Picea abies), in a spinning amongst the needles.

It is generally the smaller of the British Dioryctria species and is often a brighter looking moth showing broader white bands. There is a diagnostic pale spot on the hindwing, but this is not visible in the field.

Typically the adults are on the wing in June and July.
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