Dioryctria sylvestrella
Dioryctria sylvestrella
Adult • Brandon, Suffolk • © Graham Austin

62.025 BF1454b

Dioryctria sylvestrella

(Ratzeburg, 1840)

Wingspan 28-35 mm.

After its initial discovery in 2001 in Dorset, there have been a number of records of this migrant from Continental Europe, mainly in the south-east of England. Records dating back to 1999 were subsequently found in collections and there may well be others undiscovered.

Generally the largest of the four Dioryctria species occurring in Britain, it is best distinguished by the shape of the subterminal line, which is more smoothly curved than the obvious dentate lines of the other species.

Abroad, the species inhabits pinewoods and flies during July to September.
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