Dusky Hook-tip Drepana curvatula
Dusky Hook-tip Drepana curvatula
Adult • Bred from migrant female • © Paul Harris

65.004 BF1649

Dusky Hook-tip Drepana curvatula

(Borkhausen, 1790)

Wingspan 34-42 mm.

This species is a rare migrant to Britain, mainly attracted to light-traps on the south and east coast; it is thought to have possibly colonised in Kent, though the larvae have not yet been found.

It is fairly well distributed in Europe, where it tends to fly with two overlapping generations, from May to July and from July to August.

A mainly woodland species, the foodplants are alder (Alnus glutinosa), oak (Quercus and birch (Betula). The larva has a distinctive stripy-headed appearance.

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