Epinotia pygmaeana
Epinotia pygmaeana
Adult • Dalby Forest, N. Yorkshire • © Graham Featherstone

49.246 BF1130

Epinotia pygmaeana

(Hübner, [1799])

Wingspan 12-14 mm.

This species is rather well distributed over much of Britain, occurring in coniferous forests and plantations, and can be common in some places.

Flying from April to June, the adults are similar to E. subsequana, but have a noticeable whitish patch on the inner area of the hindwing. Males can further be distinguished by their comb-like antennae.

The larvae feed on the needles of coniferous trees, particularly spruce (Picea) and European silver fir (Abies alba). Initially they mine the needles, but later spin them together with silk and feed within.
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