Eriocrania cicatricella
Eriocrania cicatricella
Adult • Chorlton, Greater Manchester • © Ben Smart

2.006 BF11

Eriocrania cicatricella

(Zetterstedt, 1839)

[Synonyms: purpurella, haworthi]
Wingspan c.11mm.

This spring-flying species is probably overlooked, but is generally well distributed throughout much of mainland Britain.

Like several of its congeners, the larval foodplant is birch (Betula), the larvae creating a blotch mine in the leaves during May. The larval signs of this species can often be distinguished as they have a habit of feeding gregariously, with several larvae in a single blotch. The larvae are also generally smaller and whiter than related species.

The adults fly around the foodplants during April, but are not often seen.

See also: Leafmine (British Leaf Mining Fauna)
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