Dusky Marbled Brown Gluphisia crenata
Dusky Marbled Brown Gluphisia crenata
Adult • Brasschaat, Antwerpen, Belgium • © Chris Steeman

71.026 BF2016

Dusky Marbled Brown Gluphisia crenata

Bray, 1929

Wingspan c. 32-39 mm.

The first records of this species in the British Isles are from the mid 19th century, when two adults were said to have been taken in the same Essex wood within three years, and a larva in Buckinghamshire some years later.

More recently a male was attracted to light on Jersey, Channel Islands in 1995, but the first mainland British record for over 150 years was a male that arrived at Lydd, Kent, on 17 June 2003.

The species is resident in central and southern Europe, where the moths fly in two generations, during April and again in June and July. The larva feeds on poplar (Populus).

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