Bright Wave Idaea ochrata
Bright Wave Idaea ochrata
Adult • Sandwich Bay, Kent • © Brian Carthy

70.003 BF1696

Bright Wave Idaea ochrata

(Scopoli, 1763)

Wingspan 21-24 mm.

Rare in its only known haunts of Southeast England, this moth is thought to be resident in parts of Kent, Suffolk and Essex. Other records of this species, from other parts of southern England, are thought to be of immigrant origin.

The larvae feed on the flowers of hawk's beard (Crepis spp.), dandelion (Taraxacum), coltsfoot (Tussilago), etc when in captivity. In the wild the larvae are thought to feed on the flowers of the sandhill plants found in its coastal locations. The species overwinters as a larva.

The moth is single-brooded, and flies from late June to early August.
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