Micropterix calthella
Micropterix calthella
Adult • Maulden, Bedfordshire • © Charles Baker

1.005 BF5

Micropterix calthella

(Linnaeus, 1761)

Wingspan 7-10 mm. Another tiny species, with a wingspan of around 8 to 10mm, this moth has metallic bronzy forewings, with a purple patch on the base of the costa and purlish tinges in places.

It occurs throughtout most of Britain, and can be found flying in the daytime in May and June, where it feeds on the pollen of various plants, most conspicuously in large numbers on creeping buttercup and in woodland on sedges. It avoids hot sun. Female M. aruncella look similar but are generally smaller.

The early stages are not well described, in common with several of its congeners.

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