Skin Moth Monopis laevigella
Skin Moth Monopis laevigella
Adult • Littleborough, Lancashire • © Ian Kimber

12.036 BF227

Skin Moth Monopis laevigella

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

Wingspan 13-20 mm.

Distributed throughout the British Isles, this is a fairly common species.

Larvae from December to March feeding on a range of animal origin foodstuffs, such as dead animals, owl pellets and detritus in birds' nests.

The adults can be found on the wing from dusk onwards from May through to September, and may have two generations in the south.

The larvae of several refuse-feeding species resemble each other and should be reared to confirm identity. Possibly helpful features of Monopis laevigella are; the dark 'v' outlining the frons on the head, the dark curved outline of the posterior edge of the head capsule which shows through the transparent yellowish prothoracic shield, and the whitish median line dividing the prothoracic shield.
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