Notocelia rosaecolana
Notocelia rosaecolana
Adult • Denton, Manchester • © Shane Farrell

49.297 BF1177

Notocelia rosaecolana

(Doubleday, 1850)

Wingspan 16-20mm.

One of three very similar species, also including E. trimaculana and E roborana. It is generally larger than trimaculana and has broader wings and a more strongly curved costa. The dark area at the base of the wing is less dark than in roborana and its outer edge less straight and less sharply defined.

The larvae feed on rose including cultivated varieties, spinning together the leaves of young shoots. They are especially fond of Sweet Briar or Eglantine (Rosa rubiginosa).

The species is widespread but most common in the south. The moths fly in June and July.
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