Sallow Nycteoline Nycteola degenerana
Sallow Nycteoline Nycteola degenerana
Adult • Sweden • © Barry Goater

(B105) BF2424

Sallow Nycteoline Nycteola degenerana

(Hübner, [1799])

Wingspan 29-32 mm.

There are two rather questionable records of this species in Britain. It is unlikely to be confused with any of the forms of Oak Nycteoline, but with climatic change, the possibility of N. siculana (Fuchs, 1899) turning up should be borne in mind. In the latter, the dark band between antemedian and postmedian lines is broader at the costa and the lines themselves are less jagged.

The recently separated N. svecicus (Bryk, 1941) is very unlikely to reach Britain. Any "suspect" should be photographed with great care, showing all the details of forewing pattern, or preferably retained for study of the genitalia. The Sallow Nycteoline is single brooded in the northern part of its range, emerging in late summer and hibernating. The larva lives between spun leaves of Salix, in July, and feeds up rapidly. It pupates within a boat-shaped cocoon, typical of the genus, amongst the foliage. (Description: Barry Goater).

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