Ocnerostoma piniariella
Ocnerostoma piniariella
Adult • Hampshire, gen. det. R. Edmunds. Reared from larva. • © Rob Edmunds

16.023 BF444

Ocnerostoma piniariella

Zeller, 1847

Wingspan c. 9mm.

The distribution of this species is not fully understood due to confusion with the very similar Ocnerostoma friesei, but is believed to be relatively widespread in much of England and Scotland.

To reliably separate the two species it is usually necessary to refer to dissection of the genitalia, although O. friesei has grey antennae, compared to the present species which has whitish or grey antennae with white rings.

The larvae feed on Scots pine Pinus sylvestris, mining from the tip of a needle.

The adult moths fly during June and July.
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