Parornix betulae
Parornix betulae
Adult • Kinver Edge, Staffordshire; gen. det. PGC • © Patrick Clement

15.025 BF301

Parornix betulae

(Stainton, 1854)

Wingspan 9-10 mm.

The larvae of this species initially create gallery mines in the lower epidermis of birch (Betula spp.) leaves, leading to a Phyllonorycter-type mine, but discoloured brown. The larvae later feed within downward folds, usually at the tip of the leaf, pupating in this site or on the ground.

The mines can be found in June and again in September to October and are commonest on birch seedlings.

The adults fly in May and August, but cannot be separated from other Parornix spp. without dissection. Common throughout the British Isles, in heaths and open woodland.

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