Dotted Footman Pelosia muscerda
Dotted Footman Pelosia muscerda
Adult • Kent • © Richard Kinzler

72.039 BF2041

Dotted Footman Pelosia muscerda

(Hufnagel, 1766)

Wingspan 24-28 mm.

Occupying fenland habitats, this species is more or less restricted in Britain to the Norfolk Broads area. It formerly occurred in other fenland districts in south-east England, but recent scattered records are thought to be migrants.

The single generation flies in July and August, and the larval foodplants, though not fully documented, are thought to be algae growing on bushes.

The similar Small Dotted Footman (P. obtusa) was only recently discovered in Britain, and has an even more restricted range.
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