Prays peregrina
Prays peregrina
Adult • Kent • © Martin Jordan

22.005 BF449b

Prays peregrina

(Agassiz, 2007)

Wingspan c. 14mm.

This species, completely new to science, was first discovered in North London in 2003, and subsequently in the Chelsea Physic Garden, West London in 2005.

Since then there have been a number of records in the London and Kent area. Its origin is unknown, but it is believed to be probably Asiatic, and is likely to be imported with food or plants from that region.

As yet there have been no records outside of this country, but it is probably now established in the London area after repeated presumed importations.

Reference: Prays peregrina sp. N. (Yponomeutidae) a presumed adventive species in Greater London; David Agassiz (Nota lepid. 30 (2): 407 - 410)

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