Shining Marbled Pseudeustrotia candidula
Shining Marbled Pseudeustrotia candidula
Adult • nr. Callington, East Cornwall • © Mary Atkinson

73.086 BF2413a

Shining Marbled Pseudeustrotia candidula

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

Wingspan c. 22mm.

A single record of this species attracted to light in a Herefordshire garden in October 2006 was the first British record. Since then there have been a number of occurrences mainly in the southern counties during Autumn.

The adult moth is quite distinctive, marbled with a silvery-white ground color and large triangular dark patch on the leading edge of the wing.

There is also a more diffuse greyish patch on the trailing edge, forming a lozenge shape when the wings are closed.

Abroad the species ranges from Europe eastwards to Japan, occupying damp meadows and woodland clearings, where it typically flies between May and September.

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