Scrobipalpa samadensis
Scrobipalpa samadensis
Female genitalia • Genitalia of female taken at actinic light on rocky shore, Lleyn, Caerns. August. Leg. I.F. Smith. Gen det. Shane Farrell • © Ian Smith

35.119 BF811

Scrobipalpa samadensis

(Pfaffenzeller, 1870)

Wingspan 11-15 mm.

Scrobipalpa samadensis is widespread, and often common, on saltings and hard-rock coasts of Britain, where its foodplants, Plantago coronopus (Buck's-horn plantain) and P. maritima (Sea plantain) grow. It comes readily to light. Several other Scrobipalpa species resemble it, so positive identification depends on examination of genitalia, unless reared from the appropriate foodplants.

Larvae are found from April to August, giving rise to adults from June to September. It is uncertain if there is more than one generation, or just a single protracted one.

Feeding is in leaf blotches, spun shoots and roots. Wilting greyish leaves, or frass in the crown of the plant may indicate a larva in the roots. Pupae are found in the plant root from May to August.
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