Scythris empetrella
Scythris empetrella
Adult • Dorset • © Chris Manley

43.009 BF917

Scythris empetrella

Karsholt & Nielsen, 1976

[Synonyms: variella]
Wingspan c. 9mm.

This rare and local species is currently known only from a few localities in Dorset, although it was found in neighbouring counties and there are also odd unconfirmed records from further north, including one in Scotland.

It inhabits sandy heaths, where the diurnal moths hop around amongst the heather, rather than taking flight. Adults are at large in June and July.

The larva feeds on heather (Calluna) or heath (Erica), forming a silken tube combined with grains of sand near the base of the foodplant, and extending into the sand.
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