Stigmella sorbi
Stigmella sorbi
Pair • Dovestone Reservoir, Saddleworth • © Ben Smart

4.041 BF66

Stigmella sorbi

(Stainton, 1861)

Wingspan 6-7 mm.

One of the earlier leafminers to be found in the larval stage, the mines appearing from June and into July, mainly on rowan (Sorbus aucuparia). The mine is a narrow gallery soon becoming a large round blotch with scattered frass, and these are very obvious, often several to a compound leaf.

The relatively large adults are paler than many other Nepticulidae, with pale brownish wings and a broad, poorly defined creamy fascia. They are on the wing in May.

The species is commonest in the north of England and Scotland, and is more localised in southern England and Ireland.
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