False Codling Moth Thaumatotibia leucotreta - Distribution map

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49.3431 BF1215

False Codling Moth Thaumatotibia leucotreta

(Meyrick, 1913)

[Synonyms: Cryptophlebia leucotreta]
Wingspan c.15-20mm.

This Afrotropical species is occasionally imported accidentally as a larva in oranges and other fruits and seeds, including chilli peppers. The presence of a larva is betrayed by a small brown patch on the skin, usually with a small central hole.

The adult moths are sexually dimorphic, females being larger than males. Males have a diagnostic reduced hindwing with a small circular patch of shiny white scales containing a blackish mark. They also have a tuft of scales on the hind tibia giving rise to a swollen appearance.
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