Yponomeuta sedella
Yponomeuta sedella
Adult • Harlech, Gwynedd • © Helen Bantock

16.008 BF431

Yponomeuta sedella

Treitschke, 1832

Wingspan c. 16 mm.

One of the smallest, but most easily distinguishable of the Yponomeutids, the forewings of this species are a smooth grey, with black spots absent from the apical third, although there is usually one spot centrally amongst the cilia.

It is fairly locally distributed in the southern half of Britain, north to the Midlands, although there are records from Northumberland too.

The larvae feed on orpine (Sedum telephium), or cultivated varieties thereof, feeding gregariously in a web amongst the leaves.

There are two generations, adult moths being on the wing in April and May, and again in August. The moth can be taken at light.

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