Transparent Burnet Zygaena purpuralis
Transparent Burnet Zygaena purpuralis
Adult • Mull • © David Green

54.004 BF172

Transparent Burnet Zygaena purpuralis

(Br√ľnnich, 1763)

Wingspan 30-34 mm.

Ssp. caledonensis occurs on the Hebridean islands of Skye, Lismore, Kerrera, Mull, Ulva, Eigg, Canna, and Rhum and in a few localities on the Scottish mainland in Kintyre and parts of western Argyllshire. It normally inhabits grassy slopes by the sea, but in the Oban district of Argyllshire it has been found inland and one of the colonies is over four miles from the coast.

Ssp. segontii occurred on sea-cliffs of the Lleyn Peninsula, Caernarvonshire. It has not been reported since 1962 despite searches and may now be extinct.

Ssp. sabulosa occurs in western Ireland in the Burren District, Co. Clare, where it is found on the coast and up to seven miles inland. Elsewhere in Ireland it is found in Cos Galway and Mayo, and on Inishmore, Aran Islands.

The larvae occur from August to May, with all races feeding on wild thyme Thymus polytrichus, overwintering once or twice as a larva.

The adult moths fly during the day, preferring sunshine, during June and early July.

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